Designed as a system replacement set for the Mac OS prior to version 10.x, I’m not sure just how useful High-Level Abstraction is 7 years after it was first released. Still, there’s a certain beauty in some of these geometric arrangements, and you never know just what folks will find to do with your images. With 60 icons in two sizes (32×32 and 128×128), this is no bite-sized set.

Those who remember the original will notice a couple omissions. First, I’ve stripped anything that included the Apple logo, as 1) it’s better to be safe than sorry, and 2) there’s no longer an Apple folder in the Mac OS anyway. Second, you’ll notice there’s no lime green version — yet. I wanted to get this first version of HLA up quickly and leave the lime green icons for another release.

As usual, you’ll find High-Level Abstraction in the icons area.


May 7, 2007