A look back at the gaming, gadgets and media of 2010.

Best Game of 2010: Red Dead Redemption. Unusual (in gaming) Western setting; characters that stick with you long after you’ve put the game aside; most beautiful landscapes ever seen in a game. Also, hunting bears.

Best Downloadable (XBLA/PSN) Game of 2010: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Pac-Man turbocharged for the 21st century. Chowing down on chains of ghosts twenty or thirty long is remarkably satisfying.

Best New Atari Game: Ian Bogost’s A Slow Year.

Best Movie of 2010: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Masterfully-crafted gamerpunk phantasmagoria.

Best Music of 2010: Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Seamless blend of orchestral score and pulsing electronica. May I suggest a new genre? “Orchestronica.”

Best Mac App of 2010: Reeder for Mac. Simply a delight to use.

Best iOS App of 2010: I’d genuinely award this to Gowalla v3 for its slick UI, improved integration with existing Gowalla features, multi-service support and quick check-in feature; but as I work for Gowalla I’m going to avoid the conflict of interest and award this to Instagram. It’s Twitter for photos, it’s simple, it makes even terrible shots look good.

Best iOS Game of 2010: Infinity Blade. Incredible production values all around, and decently deep gameplay too.

Best New Operating System of 2010: Windows Phone 7. Well done, Microsoft.

Best Reality TV Show of 2010 Featuring Caribou: Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

January 4, 2011