I love board games. Specifically, I love Euro games. When I realized I’d be attending my first WWDC, I decided there was a peanut-butter-and-chocolate intersection of interests that (as far as I know) had not been previously explored.

I floated the idea on Twitter and gauged the interest level. There seemed to be some, so I packed my copy of Dominion — counting on other gamers to flesh out the supply.

We were going to need the help, because once a time and place were set (June 13th, 8:30 in Bil Moorhead’s luxurious hotel suite), word spread. At its height, Game Night saw over 25 attendees — not a massive party by WWDC standards, but certainly bigger than any social event I’ve organized. Dominion supports only four players. This could have been bad.

Fortunately, a number of guests showed up with games in tow. Ash Ponders brought Backgammon and Katrina Montgomery (who stomped over everyone in Dominion). Michael Fey showed up with Munchkin, which kept the bulk of the guests entertained. And Don Synstelien provided Cosmic Encounter, perhaps the only “true” board game featured that night. Big thanks to everyone who helped out — Game Night would have landed with a thud if not for you.

Will there be a WWDC Game Night 2013? Possibly. If you made it to WWDC 2012 you know how incredibly difficult tickets are becoming to get. There’s no guarantee I’ll make it back next year. But if I do, I’ll be bringing one game or another.

Dominion in progress. Katrina, on the right, was the winner by a mile.

Munchkin was able to entertain a small crowd.

Cosmic Encounter is a good game for making friends… and enemies.

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June 19, 2012